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The Chillbies Company began in 2019 and hit its stride in the Fall of 2020 when a version of a waterproof Chelsea boot dubbed, the Chillcie boot was released, but officially sold under the name the "Chillbie Mid". The Chillbies company has been well received by the outdoor community and has what some may call a "cult following". Product specific press outlets have described a pair of Chillbies as "a sturdy pair of rubber galoshes you don't have to struggle to get into". The first pair of Chillbies came into thought when founder, Flowers, needed an easy slip on waterproof shoe that was also durable enough for outdoor activities such as kicking over a stump or pedaling a bicycle. At the time of inception the marketplace only offered cheaply injected molded alternatives that were primarily focused on summer or beach activities and lacked waterproofing. Function came first and thus the addition of a roomy foot bed, ensuring ease of entry into a solid waterproof boot sole, with a matching upper and a gel footbed which would provide comfort on the longer days. The key materials in a pair of Chillbies lean towards durability, which in effect takes an industrial look, weight and feel. Balance is applied to the silhouette through manually hand cutting the edge of the uppers to give a human touch to each pair of Chillbies, "I feel it's the perfect balance of handmade craft and modern manufacturing". (-Caleb Flowers)


ABOVE: This approx. 2019 picture shows the first production run of Chillbies. Produced in the "information" area used for holding stock in the back of the HATHENBRUCK(TM) warehouse. The door to the warehouse still says "information" to this day. The first production run picture is compliments of Caleb himself, who reports that at the time of the the photo, "The footwear was yet to be named but the tagline (waterproof in the front) was already a mainstay when describing them".

Dancer Copenhagen, had an excellent collaboration with Chillbies. In part, the collaboration was also sold at Tres-Bein in London and Malmo. The Chillbies company has stayed in the hands of its creator since inception and continues to service customers globally today.

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There are those who remember Chillbie's earliest marketing endeavors with great admiration and fondness. The first to be introduced was in 2019, launched through a radically-styled, forward thinking video composition with a wonderfully horrible soundtrack. The piece known as the

ew"CHILLBIE Vid." was created by Seamus Foster, Mitchell Mcciver, Colton Morgan, Matthew Bernard and Megan Hatasaka. According to Mitchell Mcciver, the idea of the Chillbie coming to life and manifesting itself in an amphibious life form came to him in a dream. The motion picture was filmed in Clayton Park just behind Caleb's house. In the picture above, one can get a glimpse at the Chillbie in rare independent form as Chillbies mostly travel in pairs. Later, in 2020, with the introduction of the Chillbie Mid, there was talk of a Chillcie video amongst the creatives and that it would be a sequel to the "Chillbie Vid."; however, it failed to come to fruition.

(Photos above taken by Colton Morgan during the filming of the Chillbie Vid.).

If claims are true, then the CHILLBIE company would merit a ROOKIE OF THE GEAR AWARD and that would be: DOUBLE WINNER-UNISEX MULE OF THE YEAR, and VALUE FOR PRICE FOOTWEAR AWARD, both in 2020.

A bit later, in 2021, CHILLBIES introduced cork and sherpa lined replaceable insoles for purchase.

The Current Status of the Founder and His Company

The CHILLBIES company as its original innovative self is still alive and well today. It maintains a growing draw of customers who share a love for the outdoors.